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    Looking for something similar to UStream

    A friend of mine is in need of software for broadcasting video. I've been looking at UStream.tv and it looks pretty good but I want to know if there are any alternatives that you guys know of. We are in need of software to broadcast a speech from one building to another over the internet. We need it to be reliable and High Quality as we will have about 1,000 people watching on a projector at the second location. It's for a non-profit group so funds are slim. UStream.tv looks like a good option since it's free and seems really reliable but the quality isn't all that great. Have any of you used UStream? What was your experience? Do you know of anything else that could be used in place of it for this situation?
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    use the link above if you download league of legends.

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    www.camcada.com - Easy and affordable.

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