Since there seems to be some buzz around internet capable tvs coming out later this year and also the Open screen project for AIR, which includes tv manufactures, I am trying to learn a bit about how to manage HD video through Flash. I have a few questions, hopefully some folks will have time to answer.

It seems there are two common resolutions for HD video
1920 x 1080
1280 x 720

However, many of the "720p" tvs actually support 1366 x 768, so should we also be considering creating video at this 3rd resolution?

Frame rate
According to wikipedia frame rate is 60fps for 720p60 and all tvs I've researched support 60hz. However I would assume that 60fps creates a massive file size for web video.

What is the typical frame rate for web video intended for full screen viewing?

Bit rates
Is 3mbps considered broad band at the moment?
The Vimeo web site recommends 3000-5000kbps for encoding mp4 h.264, which seems to correspond to the 3 - 6 mbps rates offered by DSL.

Is there any standard on what h.264 bitrate is considered HD quality?

Flash CS3 support
Since mp4 video support came out in Flash 9.5, I would assume there is some upgrade to CS3 to enable creating video player applications that support mp4? What upgrade do I need? Can anyone recommend a tutorial or reference on this?

Computer resources required for HD playback
I would like to get a sense for the type of computer required to playback HD video, and how common this set-up is for end users.

What is the minimum hardware requirement for an end user to play web based HD video full screen on either a HDTV or large monitor from a pc?

I would assume that a graphics card from a pc should support HDMI to send video singal to HDTV. What is the minimum processor type for the PC?

Also I've read references to Flash making use of hardware acceleration through some graphic cards to play mp4 video more efficiently. Where do I find more information about this?