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Thread: Exporting Quicktime movies

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    Hi there!

    Since I have some trouble with music and fps running a 2.5 movie in slower or faster computers than mine, I want to export the movie as Quicktime .mov,

    My movie plays a streaming soundtrack the same length as the movie (2.5 minutes), and 9 ,wav files, at different parts of it. But, (there's always a "but"...), When exported, the resulting .mov file only plays the initial soundtrack (the main .wav file, that stars in frame 1 of Scene 1).

    Why is this happening...? Because Quicktime cannot mix one sound over another?... Should I export my movie with the soundtrack only, and then add the other .wav files lately, with a video editing tool...?

    Thanks in advance


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    A couple of questions.

    What version of flash are you exporting from? And what level of interactivity are you using (flash 3 or 4)?

    Of course, if your end solution is a quicktime file and you exported successfully with the exception of these sound tracks then you could just add them in another program such as any video editing program.

    Hope this helps.

    Happy New Year!

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    One more thing...


    I'm using flash 5, with no interactivity (just a plain movie). I've put a preloader... I think that it can make some trouble... so I'm gonna take it out.

    Anyway... What video editing program can i use to add the sound (characters voices) to the final .mov?...

    And... What Quicktime exporting preferences are best suited for a good quality video (I really don't care too much about file size...), and to be sure that the fps rate (and coordination with the music) in the final .mov is the same as what I get in the exported .swf file?

    Thanks again!!

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