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Thread: Can anyone tell me...

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    why some of the things I create that rely heavily on actionscripting, for example the text trick I use in my 1.0 site and then the spiral I use as a distraction from the loading in my 2.0 site, play in a staggered fashion.

    I streamline, I simplify, I cut it down to the bare minimum and it still plays back slow even though the actual file sizes are less than 2k.

    Is it really just to processor intensive?

    Check out what I mean by going to http://home.earthlink.net/~hkaplan724/ and you'll see what I mean by taking a quick look at these site's.

    But act now! I'm going to shred my 1.0 in the next 24-36 hours cause it's to horsey and refine my 2.0.

    Thanks to all who can explain this to me.

    Nothing but love for ya.

    Happy New Year!

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    I think you should try activating the Autohigh quality option for the swf.

    Something similar happened to me and the way I solved it was that.

    Happy New Millenium

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