I am so sorry that I am seeking help on my first post, but, as you would expect, I am totally stuck on this problem, and I would really appreciate any help.

I have searched on the net for over an hour with no answer, so, here is the question...

I am building a website in flash CS3 using action script 2 settings. I have a lot of layers with different text and so forth on them and then a sequence of frames on one layer each with their own .flv playback component to show the video. On the first frame of the movie are buttons which bring you to one of the videos to see it.

I am building the site as I have built many sites before with FLV content but this one, only the first flv will play, all the others simply don't appear. It is very odd. I have checked the flv files, the links, everything, nothing works.

I put other flv files in the first video frame and it will play whatever is in that frame. I even built a skeleton site with the same idea, and it does exactly the same thing.

Here is a link to a test swf on the net so you can see what I mean, simply click one of the changing buttons (5 in a verticle row) and you will notice only the top one plays, the flv doesn't show at all for the others.

What is weirder still is that in Safari, in the activity window, It shows Safari getting the first flv file, but when I choose another movie to play, it doesn't even register trying to get that flv file.

It is like flash is just deciding to not see any flv but the first one. It is truly frustrating as this all worked like clockwork in Flash 8. And the only reason I upgraded to CS3 is because 8 wasn't running natively on my Macbook Pro.

I hope this makes sense, that I haven't rambled too much, and that someone out there knows why this might be happening and how to rectify it.

I have spent all day at it and it is doing my nut in!

Thank you for any help in advance,


Link: http://www.mystorymedia.org/TEST.swf