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Thread: loading flash material without active-x warning

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    loading flash material without active-x warning


    My question relates to avoiding the "active-x control" warning in IE when loaidng a flash site. What is needed when loading a flash site or content to avoid this. If you could point me to some material which addresses this it would be much appreciated.

    thanks in advance for your assistance

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    Well the first thing I would do is encourage you to use the search function of the forum. It's covered here and on Google lots and lots of times.

    The "click to activate" and other such things were added to IE a couple of years ago as a result of a lawsuit they lost. This past year, they released another update to remove those messages, so if you're still seeing that message, it could be that you haven't updated in quite some time.

    In any case, to get around it you use Javascript to insert the Flash movie into the page. Adobe provides their own downloads for this (and in fact it's automatically part of the publishing options in their tools for the last couple of versions), and there are other scripts you can download to help you out. The most common one (and the one I'd recommend) is SWFObject, which can be found here:


    Be sure to look at the documentation page. It's not as easy to understand as it used to be, but you should be able to muddle through.

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