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I'm redesigning our company's web site and we have about 2 dozen mini video 10-second clips that randomly appear and play per page load. I'm not real experienced with ActionScript, so I'm using a javascript cookie to determine if the user either revisits or reloads the page so that the videos won't keep playing over and over again. I just want them to randomly play once per page per session.

I'm using javascript commands to either display or not display the div with the flash embedded on it. Works perfectly in FireFox. However in IE (version 7), the video is invisible, but you can hear the audio of the video.

I know back in the FlashMX days, I could just use javascript to control the playback of the video, but it's not that simple now with Flash CS3.

Any suggestions on what I can do to either stop or mute the video in IE? I'm thinking I'm going to have to use ActionScript to read the cookie and have the video(s) not play if the cookie is present. If that's the case, anyone have suggestions on tutorials for that?