I have a Flash Projector launcher movie which runs full-screen thanks to fscommand. Tested fine in XP and Mac, but fails (either producing a blank screen or one divided diagonally into grey and white) on a PC running Vista with an ATi Radeon display - I mention both 'cos I guess either could be to blame.

Escaping and running the thing in a window brings it back to life. It's a funny one, but giving me and my colleague nightmares right now.

One more odd thing: the previous version of this project (created back in the days of Flash MX) runs perfectly full-screen. I've tried creating a simple test projector file (just the fscommand line in ActionScript 2 and a graphic) in MX and it's fine on the Vista/Radeon machine. The same file opened and republished from Flash CS3 fails on that PC.

I'm about to test the CS3-published version on another Vista machine in case that can eliminate the OS and pin the problem down to display driver, but thought I'd appeal in the meantime...

Please - any ideas, anyone?