What I want to do is simple, but after 2+ hours of searching online, I haven't come up with anything that works....help!!

I have an FLV that I want to automatically start playing after 10 seconds of it have downloaded. (10 seconds so that there is less chance of it pausing due to a slow internet connection).

While the ten seconds are loading, I want text displayed that says "Loading Video" (something like that) so the visitor knows what's going on. Once the FLV begins playback, the "loading" text should disappear.

This will be a progressive download FLV, NOT from a Flash Streaming Media Server. In the past I have used the "import video" option in Flash, which I believe is the FLV Playback Component. (I am pretty limited in my Flash knowledge)

Any help is appreciated!! (I am using Flash & Dreamweaver CS3)