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Thread: Making CD Interface BETTER

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    Arrow Making CD Interface BETTER

    I've received some of your advice on Flash related stuff in the past on the flashkit boards, so thought you guys might have some helpful advice.
    I'm looking for general advice on making CD interfaces BETTER.

    I'm currently doing this:
    Handing out Cds at trade shows promoting our products. These CDs autoload a Flash front end .exe file.
    Using the fscommand and simple actionscripts, the interface connects to several PDFs and PPT files that auto load from the DC to the viewer's computers.

    This all works, but I want to make it work BETTER or FASTER. There are delays when the PPT files open and we'd like the whole thing to be more professional.

    Should I even be using Flash for this? How can I improve something like this?
    It seems like most of the CD creation advice I've found is from back in 2004?!

    Does anyone else even make CD interfaces anymore?

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    Your demos probably work fine when you test them on the HD right?

    When you're running off the CD the biggest problem is the CD drive will "spin down" after a few seconds and then you can't load anything until the CD spins back up to speed. This is a limitation of the media. Without being able to control the spin down time of the drive you're at the mercy of the hardware.

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