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Thread: [BIZ] Where's The Cash For Flash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Ric_
    Maybe because for some of us, this is our job. It's great that some people do it for the love of it, but when you do it to pay the mortgage, you usually have to scrape every penny out of a project you can - which may well mean churning out a quick sequel or reskin now and then!
    Point taken, sir!

    Perhaps I should in the future live a little less in the land of my own imagination...

    It's a bit complicated. [etc]
    Ah, that makes sense. Here I thought it was just some random guy who decided to make a sequel to your game

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    I must admit I'm not adverse to reskins ( I remember I had a real phase of wanting to do remixes of my games ), even my current personal project is a re-boot of a game from 2003 and one of our live projects is a reskin of my very first Flash game from then too.

    Sometimes I'm just selling my soul to pay the rent, sometimes it's just a spark of an idea to do an existing game in a different light ( MJ-1912 being a prime example, http://www.gywgames.com/mj1912/ ) and sometimes to be blunt, it's a business decision ( Nothing on the horizon in terms of a release, or a couple of games finished but not live, it's not against my principles to re-hash an old game if it can be done quickly and maintains our standards just to keep the pimp wheels rolling ).

    I don't think I've ever done a sequel as such, I guess X++ could be considered a sequel as opposed to a reboot, but I don't see it that way.

    I think it's 'cause I'm yet to do a game I feel strongly enough about to do a full blown follow up, that, and just having so many ideas and so little time.
    I guess a sequel to Polarity would be cool, to fix all the things I didn't like in the final version, but it would only be a sequel in spirit as I don't own any of the IP to do with it.

    Anyway, all these words just to try and show I'm not a hypocrite with the whole sequel thing


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    I have done sequels: "ShoOot", "ShoOot 2 - Revenge of Square" and "ShoOot 3 - Curse of the White Square". They share same style but gameplay is somewhat different in each and I completely rewrote the game every time.

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    Nice article..thanks

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    i'm rewriting my zombie shooter "The Damned" in AS3 as we speak. well, i say a rewrite when actually it's more of a completion since the game never was fully finished off.

    demo pimpage here

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