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Thread: [CS3] Problem with external images uploaded to Flash

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    [CS3] Problem with external images uploaded to Flash

    I have a flash movie in which I place some PNG images to the stage.

    I previously had all those images in the library. They were attached to a father clip with attachMovie(), and next they were placed and resized somewhere on the stage. Everything was correct.

    So, in order to create a lighter SWF, I decided to do external loads. I need these clips to be resized and placed once they're on the stage. I thought loadMovie() wouldn't be a good option because the resize would happen before the clips were loaded, and so they wouldn't be resized. So I thought of using the MovieClipLoader class, with its loadClip() method in order to load every image into empty movie clips, and perform the resize inside the onLoadComplete event handler.

    Well, even in this case, even though the images appear on the places they are assigned with _x, _y once they'er loaded, all of them appear with their real size. They're not resized!

    Am I forgetting something??

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    any help please?

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    Would be a lot easier to help if we could see the script, place here the section your talking about, there are lots of things that can be wrong so we need to see one by one..

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