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Thread: Full page animation over HTML?

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    Full page animation over HTML?

    Is it possible to have flash fill 100% of the browser window from top to bottom, left to right and also be layered over an existing html page? The reason I ask, is because I need to run an animation on the screen over a solid color and then have that fade out into the HTML page behind the flash file.

    Also, would an effect like this require I have some javascript that disables the flash file, after the animation is completed? I currently have a flash file on a layer (although I can't seem to get it 100% width and height) over the html and when it fades out, you cannot click any of the links behind the flash file. I'm wondering if maybe some javascript would solve that.

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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    i am not really sure if you can do that but you can do the entire web site from a single big flash file on the html, i think is the best way to create an attractive web site

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