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    Is this possible?

    I'm not sure if something like this has been made yet, or what. But, if someone could point me to the right direction that'd be awesome.

    Either a script that's easily modifiable or one that's already made or maybe some tutorials for what I want to do.

    http://students.washington.edu/jsa/ is the main website, but there's something I was wondering if it's possible. On our main page, there's a flash thing that gives updates.

    It's located here: http://students.washington.edu/jsa/index2.html

    I want to make it PHP, MySQL and Flash based.

    Like a person will log into some website to edit the file

    1 - background image 1 - text 1
    2 - background image 2 - text 2

    Have the flash read from the mysql table and have the text scroll up, and the image fade in like on our main page.

    Then for the right part, have it read from a MySQL or something

    latest news and topics table
    1 - text here that can include HTML

    It's kind of troublesome to edit the flash, and I want to make it easier so that anyone in the club can do it without knowing flash.

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    have you tried working with xml?

    You can load an xml file into flash which could then populate your movie and display the imges and comments on reotaiton or however you want to manipulate it. the actual content is pulled from the xml file itself which inturn can be updated from the mysql/php.

    I imagine this would be best way to do it.

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    oh and if you want ot learn a bit about xml and flash check out http://www.gotoandlearn.com/ i always refer to this guy cause its the best walk through demonstration ive come across.

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