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Thread: free web page (sorry)

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    sorry for this message, i know this is the wrong place, but didnt found other.

    my question is.

    where can i found some place that i put my site, without publicity, or few publicity.

    because in geocities, there is a violation to upload .swf files.
    they toldme the first warning.
    what can i do.
    please sorry, and healp me

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    try http://www.ewebcity.com/

    they provide free web hosting with no advertising banner plus support ASP.(flash too)

    But they doesn't support FTP upload.

    hope this help.

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    FTP Account
    20MB space
    soon to be 50MB

    Back in the old days Prohosting did not force
    Banner adds

    But just lastweek they announced they will be posting a Banner add on all free web sites

    What id did was make my Index a door.

    with the word "ENTER"
    and a link the macromedia so people can get the Flash player if they don't have it.
    Also a Hits Counter.

    I put all that Junk on the index (door)

    then in the main part of the site it's just my stuff

    O and one more thing.....Geocities SUX!

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    Nice!!! I've been looking for a free host that supports CGI - Thanx!!!

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