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Thread: Mouse Trail Help!

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    Mouse Trail Help!

    Hey guys,

    so I'm working on a game with a good buddy of mine and i came across
    a little trouble. My friend wants it so the mouse has a trail once you
    move the mouse along the screen. I found a tutorial online and it worked
    out great. But the problem is that the movieclips that i already had
    won't work well with the cursor. I've attempted to find something about
    mouseEnabled but I do not know how to apply it correctly. Any ideas?

    [Edit: It would really help if someone replied!!!!!]

    Here's the code. Thanks

    var centerX:Number = stage.stageWidth / 2;
    var centerY:Number = stage.stageHeight / 2;
    ball.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, moveBall);
    var timer:Timer = new Timer(100,400000);
    timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, createTrailBall);
    function moveBall(e:Event):void {
    	var xpos:Number = mouseX;
    	var ypos:Number = mouseY;
    	//Move the ball to da new coordinates
    	ball.x = xpos;
    	ball.y = ypos;
    	angle += speed;
    function createTrailBall(e:Event):void {
    	var trailBall:Ball=new Ball();
    	trailBall.x = ball.x;
    	trailBall.y = ball.y;
    function animateTrailBall(e:Event):void {
    	e.target.alpha -= 0.04;
    	e.target.scaleY -= 0.04;
    	e.target.scaleX -= 0.04;
    	if (e.target.alpha < 0) {
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