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Thread: What size should you put a preloader in?

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    What size should you put a preloader in?

    Just wondering what size of SWF should merit a preloader? I have a file that's 1.2MB and loads fine with my connection... is there a place where you can test how long it will take to load an SWF?

    Any idea what size of file should definitely have a preloader?

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    While in "Test Movie", select Simulate Download from the View tab and select your download settings. As for the size aspect... you'll probably get various answers on this one. It will depend on client/customers connection speeds. As a rule of thumb, I generally tend to include one, if they have a fast connection, it's (preloader) not there for long, but if they have a slow connection, then at least they understand that content is being loaded, and not staring at a inactive page. HTH.
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