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Thread: [F8] Button inside MC not working :S

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    [F8] Button inside MC not working :S

    I have a weird problem... I have a button inside a movieclip and actionscript on root frame. I know whats the problem, just cant understand how to solve it.
    I have this script for the movieclip:
    setColor.onRollOver = function(){
    setColor.onRollOut = function(){
    When i use this script on the mc, the button inside doesnt work. However if i remove it, it works fine... Any suggestionS?

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    In versions of Actionscript before Actionscript 3, you can't have button-like actions (rollOver, rollOut, release, etc) on a movie clip and have a button inside it work. One thing you could try instead is to use hitTest, which would give you a way of checking whether the mouse is over the clip without using rollOver or rollOut.

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