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Thread: Frame Problem (I think)

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    Frame Problem (I think)

    Hi All!

    I need a little help on creating an animation, I import an image on the first keyframe and make that image slide in, then I create a second keyframe and import the image again then I make that image zoom out but the problem I have is when I try and play or create the animation it only plays the first frame and not the second, what do I need to do so it creates the swf with all frames playing one after the other? I've tried everything but I just cant do it

    Thanks in advanced.

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    How are you making the animations in each keyframe? Is it inside a movieclip or something? Can you upload your .fun file to the forum so I can take a look? It just doesnt sound right to me with the way you describe it.

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    Are you using the Slide In/Out Motion Script Effect and the "Zoom Out" Motion Script Effect? If so, try this:
    1.) Increase the number of tweens in keyframe1 (use 12 if your Slide In/Out is at Medium speed),
    2.) In keyframe2, select your image2 and change its "Zoom Out" to "No Effect,"
    3.) Copy keyframe2 to make keyframe3,
    4.) In keyframe3, select image2 and reapply "Zoom Out,"
    5.) In top menu click "View," then click, "Action and Sound Overview", a pop-up appears, click on its "+" icon, then click "Stop Movie"
    6.) Copy image1 form keyframe1 into keyframe2.

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