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Thread: quicktime export results in v slow .mov

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    quicktime export results in v slow .mov


    i've imported an flv into a document in flash cs3 as an embedded video in the timeline and am attempting to export the whole thing as a quicktime mov, H264 encoding. the frame rates of the video clip, the flash movie and the quicktime settings are all the same (25fps) but the resulting .mov is approx 3x the length of the flash movie and the embedded video clip is slowed right down to 1/3 the speed of the original!

    when i export it as swf it's the right length/video speed..

    anyone ever run across this? how do you fix it?


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    1. what exactly are you trying to achieve by importing onto the timeline, then exporting as a quicktime file? what's the point? If you want to encode to a different format, use ffMpeg (which is free) or tmpegenc (which isn't).

    How long is your FLV? if it's over the "warning length" in the import video wizard, then you should expect problems to occur with your export.

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    I am having similar problems exporting as Quicktime with H264 encoding. In my case I have no video imported, so that is not the issue causing this prob. My movie is supposed to be 5 sec but actually is 7 sec no matter what Frames per second I choose. I set up the movie as 25 frames per sec.

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