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Thread: digital signage flash application for 3 screens

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    digital signage flash application for 3 screens

    we need to produce a multimedia slide show where images are presented on three screens (full hd, each 1980x1080) side-by-side. the images should be moving with ken burns effect over all 3 screens (so they will have a width up to 6000px).
    the contents are dynamically loaded from a CMS, so video is not an option.
    is flash the right tool to do such an application?
    I fear that panning and zooming of such large images may be jerky, even with latest hardware.
    has anyone already set up a comparable application using flash? is it possible to achieve a really smooth scrolling performance?
    thanks, joachim

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    Zoom operations on images that large are going to be a bit painful.

    I understand the content is being loaded from a CMS but how often is the data updated? If it's updated daily or nightly you could dynamically generate the video after each update and then use that video until the next update.

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