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Thread: Banner / Image Rotator -- looking for resources..

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    Banner / Image Rotator -- looking for resources..

    Hello All..

    I am a web developer (CF and ASP.net) working on a new project.

    I toyed with flash back around the beginning of Flash MX around the early 2000's.

    Basically I am looking for direction on this --

    I would like to have a small flash movie that displays a collection of pictures with some sort of transition.

    Ideally, I would like to pull the image paths from a database and rotate through them at some time interval.

    This seems like something that shouldn't be too difficult - and I am sure it has been done thousands of times - I am surprised I cannot find more information through google searches. Maybe I am not keying on the correct terms!??!?

    Anyways, If anyone could provide some direction - I am hoping that I can pick it up with a little push. Having not touched flash in 7 or 8 years, I am kind of stuck getting started.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Have you seen Longtail's Image Rotator? It's simple and free for non-commercial use.

    Image paths are stated in an XML file. You could pull the paths from a database into the XML file with a little programming.

    I use the image rotator rather simply (as a background, actually) on my site. http://blog.timothyponce.com

    Good luck!

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    Flash Image Rotator (Slideshow)

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