Greetings all -

I'm considering switching back to Macintosh. My last couple computers have been Windows based, and I've been taking FlashDevelop for granted. Not only does it have great keyboard shortcuts (transposing lines, indenting multiple lines of text /w the tab key, etc), but its code completion is a nice touch as well.

I played with the new iMacs at the Apple Store today and was disappointed with what I saw. TextMate's code completion is unusable! You have to hit escape to invoke it, then escape again to cycle each option. SubEthaEdit both lacks code-completion entirely and has trouble keeping your lines indented inside curly brace blocks.

I really hope I'm wrong on this. I know a lot of Flash guys use Macs, and I'd be pretty surprised if you're all using crappy code editors.

Can someone please help me find a good Flash/AS3 workflow on a Mac?