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Thread: sometimes life syncs up

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    sometimes life syncs up

    Regularly argued as 'dualities', life has a funny way of syncing up sometimes. A number of years back, a math professor friend of mine introduced me to the concept and I've seen regular occurrences since. Long before that though, another friend of mine actually wrote a book on his theory of octaves. He basically suggested that all things; weather, emotion, aptitude etc. could be measured as part of a musical scale. It was rather deep and oddly, has helped me understand a lot of universal diametrics.

    That's just some food for discussion, but what just happened was plain funny.
    I had cartoon network on mute and last.fm running in the background. YouTube can be a wonderful thing when a demonstration is needed.

    1. Launch this link and mute it. Scrub to about 00:24 seconds

    2. Launch this in a new tab/window and allow it to play.

    3. Watch link 1. It's pretty funny about 50 seconds in.
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