First of all I'm a complete noob in Flash.
I'm sorry for that, but I'm eager to learn!
(I have Adobe Flash CS4 installed)

The File
This is the file I have troubles with:
What do I want to do?
I downloaded a pre-made flash intro, and all I have to do is change the text of it, but I can't find out how!

What did I try?
I'll try to explain what I did, but it's hard to explain.

When I ctrl+enter my movie, I see as first sentence in my flash intro "Creative Expression".
I want to change that to another word.

When I go to my library, I find a lot of "sprites", and one of them has different layers in a timeline. Including the text layer I guess, because when I hide this layer, the text does not show up anymore in edit-mode. When I watch in edit-mode all the text in this layer, all the text are words "Text".

BUT when I ctrl+enter, I see other words, like "Creative Expression" as text.

In the library I can also see "sprites" in the library with as content the looks of the text "Creative Expression".
But instead of "Creative Expression, the word in the "sprite" is just "Text".

So what did I do:
I changed the word "Text" to my word and ctrl+enter'ed but I still see "Creative Expression".
BUT in edit-mode I see the correct text (my text)

When I save, and export, I still see the words "Creative Expression", eventhough I changed it to my word.

What do I have to do? What do I do wrong?

I hope to read a reply that will solve this question.
I already thank you!

- microwave007