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Thread: Can you will somebody to be sane?

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    We just care about you and want to see you stop abusing code on a daily basis and get back into design.

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    So Gerbick, what happened in the end?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creative Action View Post
    So Gerbick, what happened in the end?
    She's moving out, they're going to continue therapy (for her) to get her back onto a better track and work on her self-esteem, and he's got us to get him back on track because this slightly derailed him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
    Well, thanks to Flashlackey, jAQUAN, and two other of my friends, we got my friend to see that what's going on isn't healthy for him. Nor, is she entirely "insane", but there's an issue there in terms of what validates her.

    So... they're going to therapy together, as friends, he's keeping his job, she's moving out to her parents this upcoming weekend - they're supportive.

    Consider this a FK intervention for my friend. Now mine is upcoming (no joke)
    Good to hear. We went to couples counseling once as a church requirement to get married. Went into it thinking, "bah. This is going to be useless." But, left it with a new respect for what you can get from therapy. Taking time to reflect on the mechanics of a relationship can never hurt it. And having a referee doesn't hurt the process.
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    It doesn't happen. My uncle went schizo when they changed his meds for no reason what so ever. Naturally, paranoia being part of it, he won't take any pills now in fear of being poison.

    No amount of will will change that

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