Looking for some neat, new Flash content...?

Or need a freelance Flash Multimedia Designer ... or Graphic Designer?
I support: (.fla, .swf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .psd, .psp, .html, .xml, .php, .css, .ttf, .cur, .ani)

(A small list) of examples of my FLASH abilities:
1. Lighting effects (Bloom lighting and LED glow).
2. Nature and weather effects (clouds, rain, leaf fall, snow, trees, grass, sun).
3. Texture effects (melting liquid textures, static or perlin noise).
4. Filter enhancment (blur, glow, bevel, drop shadow).
5. Emitter engines (mouse trailers and particle projectiles).
6. Interaction (mouse, menu systems, games, layers, randomization, math functions).
7. Dynamic Website content creation (custom clip loader, xml, css).
8... much more if I had NO time limit!

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