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Thread: "Protective" Filters

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    "Protective" Filters

    What are all your thoughts on filters? I have a UV filter on the front of all my lenses. Over at POTN every time someone post a thread about a filter "saving" the front element of a lens the thread becomes a HUGE debate or whether UV filters are even worth putting on the front or not. I can see the occasional bump into something very nerve racking without one. They all argue that there is NO WAY they would ever put on a filter in front of their L glass as the filter actually takes away from the quality. I have yet to search for someone actually doing side by side comparisons but think it is time.

    Do you all have something on your lenses?
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    I have them on all mine. You hear people talking about how even if the element does get scratched 99% of the time it will be unnoticeable really anyway.

    But I panic if I scratch the lenshood or tripod collar on mine

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    If I use a filter then it is a pol-filter in the mountains to reduce the haze or for water surfaces to reduce reflexions...other than that I use NO filters as they are pretty expensive useless glass.
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    I like to get down and dirty when I'm shooting, that means UV filter is a must, or the lens gets it!! and you dont want the lens to get it!

    I have easily saved my lens twice beacuse I had a filter on

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    I used to use a UV filter but don't bother any more. I am not exactly careful with my camera either, as we speak it is at my feet next to my computer and has been for a week, probably knocked it at least 10 times today.

    But it does always have a lens cap on and I am careful when using it not to knock it into anything or drop it. It gets a good clean every 2 weeks when it is in use, in fact I got another snooker competition coming up in three weeks and the camera and all the lens's are being sent off to be cleaned.

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    The other day my filter was struck. It broke but the lens was unharmed. I can't afford to replace the lens right now, so for that very reason I'll never go without. I don't really notice a difference with or without so I'll stick to using one.

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    OK So Filter Vs. Lens Hood

    and for the record I have a filter on my 50 mm and the 70-300 since both of them I could get really close to something and graze the lens without even noticing
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    i have the UV filter on all the time..... although a while back i took the lens cap off only to find the filter shattered underneath and the bits of broken glass all over my lens!!!! wtf? luckily (miraculously) the lens was fine!

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