OK, we've created a flash presentation that needs to run from a local disk, full-screen. We've run into two separate problems that both prevent it from working (correctly).

When run in a browser window (as corporate clients, Internet Explorer is the only browser available), since the data is on the local hard drive it is in a separate "hidden" security zone, and will throw a warning when the page is open ("Are you sure you want to run this ActiveX component?"). Can we get rid of this warning? It seems to be inconsistent from machine to machine.

When run as a standalone executable, all of the visuals disappear, the audio continues and all that's visible is the background color. When I minimize it, it picks up right where it should be playing from like nothing happened. If I go to the file menu in the flash player and choose "full screen" it all disappears again.

Any ideas? We've stumped many a flash programmer with this.