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Thread: A little light relief............

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    A little light relief............

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for letting me post on your community.

    My name is Sam Vaughan. Recently over the past two months my family and I have had so much bad luck its unbelievable. My mums had a big cancer scare and had to have surgery. we have had our house burgalled, my dad has had a major stroke, we may loose the house and my rabbit and cat have died. Life sucks at the moment. For a little light relief to cheer my mum up i created a facebook page for my dog Scooby. my mum likes it but my mate put a big downer on it saying no one will want to be her friend! I am writing on here to ask you all, if you do have facebook, please can you add her as a friend? it would really mean alot to me!

    Many thanks and look forward to the adds, just facebook search Scooby Vaughan(she has a stick in her mouth!)



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    N' then I might just
    Jump back on
    An' ride
    Like a cowboy
    Into the dawn
    ........To Montana.
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    such bad luck ...and here I am wondering why my first instinct was to want to delete your post and member name from FK existence ....my bad.
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    so now we're getting spam from Facebook...
    "All men are equal. All men, that is, who possess umbrellas."
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    Scooby really should join Facewoof. Loads of 4 legged friends on there.
    Keep it rural.

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