I'm about to begin working on a tile-based game, but one thing has me really stumped: how do people organise the graphics for their tiles? I base most of my techniques off the tonypa tutorials (store all the tiles in objects, each tile object is called Tile#, and to choose the tile name you access an array with a bunch of numbers, and add it to the string "Tile")

The problem is, there's always more tile graphics than simple tile types. Like, if I have 1 walkable tile, and 1 non-walkable, I probably have 10 graphics for each. How do I organise this? I checked at...


...and clicked the Zelda game. If you build a map, you can see his array. Rather than just a bunch of numbers in his map arrays, he places an array with two things: a number, for the tile type, and a letter+number in a string. I just don't know how to properly use anything but a number to choose a graphic for the tile MC to go to. Usually, the tile# coorosponds to the frame, but with so many graphics I can't do that.

I thought of just using letters for the graphics, and somehow converting them to numbers, but I'm not sure how...does anyone have any advice on how they do this?