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Thread: [Complete] Kyobi - A physics inspired Match-3 puzzler

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    [Complete] Kyobi - A physics inspired Match-3 puzzler

    Hi all,

    I love lurking on these forums. And as this place is full of people I truly respect, I post about my latest game with trepidation!

    Kyobi is a Flash (AS3) game which takes a pinch of Columns, a pinch of Match-3 and a dollop of physics and mixes it all together.

    Kyobi was sponsored by BigFishGames, Oberon Media, Kongregate, GameJacket, King.com and Bunnygames - and will start appearing across their portals in the coming days.

    Play Kyobi here and read about the development process on my blog.

    I'm open for suggestions for the sequel



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    Nice Job, Rich, it certainly is a very fine game, and deserving of all the riches associated with multiple sponsorships. Congrats!

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    Senior Member flashisland's Avatar
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    Excellent game! It's amazing how the physics add so much to the "match 3" concept. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the title screen. I think it makes it look like a bad dress up game or something. Other than that, everything else looks great. Also, nice job on getting so many sponsors! Do you have any tips on negotiating with so many sponsors at once?

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    Terrific presentation! Everything from the block sounds to the smooth blur effects that follow them are all polished. There's a very simple satisfaction to blasting a couple blocks together and seeing them shatter. I have to agree with flashisland, though, on the title screen...what's up with the chick in the heels shooting the blocks out?

    Only other complaint is the difficulty doesn't ramp up as fast as in other games, like Tetris...but I guess that's just a design choice. Overall, great work!

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    Also, nice job on getting so many sponsors! Do you have any tips on negotiating with so many sponsors at once?
    My only tip really is don't give in! I could tell right away from the interest that I had something special on my hands, and while it was a lot of work creating all the variations of the game and ensuring most sponsors had it on the same day, it has paid for itself several times over. Just be honest with them - explain that no-one will get the game for ANY period of exclusivity, they'll all get it on the same day, and it's up to them to launch as fast as they can I found they were all quite happy with this. I also lost a couple of sponsors who didn't buy it because they wanted an exclusive, but the value of their offers is massively out-weighed by the combination of all those who said yes.

    Quite a few people have been asking me about this, so I think I'll blog about it soon once all the variations are live.



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    I lost on level 12, then hit play again. After a few levels on the new game the game refused to let me let go of a brick. Then, once a chain had been matched the brick would drop, but I couldn't pick up another. At first I thought it was just my mouse, but it turned out to be the game.

    Not sure what happened. Just figured I'd bug report.

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    robotz, could you give us some feedback about the iphone version sales ? I'm interested to know if the flash game has an strong impact on the sales.

    The way you found your sponsors is impressive. The game is quite innovative, and it will get addicted many players. Well done.

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