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Thread: Urgent Help!!

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    Talking Urgent Help!!

    I want to make a college project in FLASH
    The topic is:-YEARBOOK
    I am ready to pay the person who does this 200 bucks!
    If anyone interested contact me.
    I wil tel the required details!!

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    no one helping!!
    i am still waiting>>

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    CFA2h (respect the HEX)
    moved to the freelance forum where PAID gigs/jobs are supposed to be posted..

    not in the HELP section..where you explain your problem..and want to work on it YOURSELF!

    your also going to need to explain your project needs/requirements and a deadline..(since your budget is already posted)

    and dont bump your own posts like this please.. be patient.

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    do you have any ideas for the project?

    What is the scale of this project as well?

    And the timeline you need it in... urgent is kind of ambiguous.

    Check your PMs.
    I do not vow to know everything, and I can not guarantee what I say is correct. We are all learning, and I actually thank you the one with the questions for asking and stimulating my mind.

    www.lordofduct.com - check out my blog, or contact me through my website. I'm always available for freelance work in Flex3/Actionscript 3.

    how many times must I say it... the livedocs are your friend!

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    I already contacted this person, and not to be mean or anything, but his post is very misleading. When we talked I asked about the $200 budget, or as he says in his post, "200 bucks", he really means 200 rubees, which is actually about $4. A bit of a wast of time for anyone looking for real work.

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