I have noticed that calling webservice methods creates memory leaks. It seams that after you delete pending call, it still stays in the momory, so i thought its because webservice and pending call objects are referencing each other creating cross reference and preventing garbage collector from freeing the memory. I found 2 references to webservice in pending call and 1 to pending call in webservice. Deleting them does not help.

Here's code i'm using:

import mx.services.*;
var pendingCall:PendingCall;
var service:WebService;
//loads wsdl from [DRIVE]:/WSDL.xml
service = new WebService("/WSDL.xml");

function onKeyDown() {
	// call webservice method when space is pressed
	if (Key.getCode() == Key.SPACE){
		trace ("service.GetInfo();");
		//instead of calling remote method load xml, that is located in same folder.
		service.stub.activePort.GetInfo.endpointURI = "GetInfo.xml";
		pendingCall = service.GetInfo();
		pendingCall.onResult = function (){
			trace ("pendingCall.onResult");
	// delete, when "1" is pressed.
	if (Key.getCode() == 49){
		trace ("delete all");

		delete service.stub.activePort.GetInfo.currentlyActive.originalPromise;
		service.stub.activePort.GetInfo.currentlyActive.originalPromise = null;
		delete service.stub.callQueue[0];
		service.stub.callQueue[0] = null;
		delete service.myCall.currentlyActive.originalPromise.myCall.wsdlOperation.wsdl.serviceProxy.service;
		service.myCall.currentlyActive.originalPromise.myCall.wsdlOperation.wsdl.serviceProxy.service = null;
		delete pendingCall.myCall.wsdlOperation.wsdl.serviceProxy.service;
		pendingCall.myCall.wsdlOperation.wsdl.serviceProxy.service = null;
		delete pendingCall;
		pendingCall = null;
Thanks for any help!