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Thread: AS2 Flash Movie Redirect

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    AS2 Flash Movie Redirect

    I have an splash page with a movie that plays, after the movie is finished I want it to redirect you to the home page. The movie is sitting on 1 frame in the timeline. Is there a way to have it redirect after the movie is finished playing??

    onEnterFrame = function() {

    does not work.

    It is a dynamic site so there is no <head> tag I can put an HTML redirect in. I need to be able to do it through flash.

    any help would be great. thanks

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    On the very last frame put
    PHP Code:
    Do not put it in an onEnterFrame function.

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    Well where I imported the movie it sits on 1 frame. but this is what i did to fix it.

    my movie was running at 29 FPS and was 42 seconds long. So I just put a keyframe on the frame where the flash movie would have ended and put the
    getURL there. It worked, it's probably not the best way to do it, but it works.

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