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Thread: .m3u or flash mp3 button

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    .m3u or flash mp3 button

    I have a musician website and want a button/link next to each song title that when clicked will play the song sample. Basically I want the music to work like it does on Amazon.

    They put a text link with the following javascript (I don't know javascript yet)

    javascript:amz_js_PopWin('/gp/recsradio/radio/B001I83294/ref=pd_krex_dp_001_001?ie=UTF8&track=001&disc=001' ,winName,winArgs);void(0);

    My guess is that since it is the Amazon site they are doing it in the best way, that works for all browsers/mac and PC.

    I tried .m3u files and had problems with them not working. Then I tried buying some javascript code to see if I could make it work and play with it a little so it would look nice on my page. That ended up not being reliable.

    So now I want to learn to do it right and thought I would start with asking what is the most compatible/cross browser/professional way to click a button next to a song title and have it play.

    Here is the page I am working on.

    Thanks for and help

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    How to Use Flash MX Sound Objects
    How to Load an External MP3 Dynamically as a Sound Object using the loadSound Method



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