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Thread: Function question

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    Function question

    I'm new to actionscript and I'm trying to make a movie clip walk across the stage but it's just standing still. I'm trying to put the command to walk right, across the stage in a function, but when I run the function it just stands still. I'm using flash cs3 actionscript 3.0. here's the script:

    var spRight = new WalkRight();
    spRight.x = 100;
    spRight.y = 200;

    var walkSpeed:int = 10;
    function walkR():void

    spRight.x += walkSpeed;
    if (spRight.currentFrame == 5)
    } else


    If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong I'd apprectiate any help thanks

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    You are only running the function once... and you are basically telling it to move 10 pixels to the right. What you'll probably want to do is set up an 'endpoint' where you don't want the mc to move past, hook up a timer to call the function at a set interval that you write until the spRight is at the point you want it to stop.

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