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Thread: Loop Flash video

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    Loop Flash video

    hi everyone,

    check out the beggining of my site http://www.bluefenixstudio.com

    Here is my problem. Look closely at the flowing dress... it stutters when it tries to loop. However, look at the ripple animation behind the hexagon; it loops just fine.

    I recall when I worked on the ripple animation that I had a hard time getting it to loop, and that I had to add some action script to it. However, when I look at it, I don't see any action script at all.

    I was thinking what I used was

    on (complete) {
    this.autorewind =true;

    but that doesn't help.

    Here is how my files are organized:
    FlowingCloth << Movie Symbol, contains a .FLV of the flowing cloth
    FlowingDress << Contains FlowingCloth and the Bride graphic

    Then FlowingDress is placed on the main stage.

    help! Using CS3

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    A quick fix would be to import your FLV to stage... put it in the timeline in an MC that would loop continiously.

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