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Thread: Using Flash for CV - Silhouette Extraction

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    Using Flash for CV - Silhouette Extraction


    I've been trying to find a straightforward use of CV for extracting a person's silhouette via webcam using AS3. I know this is achievable through either motion detection or background subtraction; I'm not versed enough on this to really start from scratch.

    If anybody knows of some example on the web, hopefully with sourcecode, please direct me to it. I don't need examples referring only on motion detection or background subtraction, I need to know how to achieve a simple silhouette extraction from a neutral & binary background.

    Thanks a lot for your time!

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    I cant believe this thread is still unreplied. I know there's a lot of wizards in this forum, is it possible that nobody knows where to point me out? I'm just looking for a person's contour extraction from a webcam feed.

    Please, any vague ideas or links are appreciated (the most precious AS3 links don't seem to be that popular with google).

    Thanks in advance,

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    If you have a shot of the background alone, you can use a difference operation to get those pixels which are sufficiently different.

    If you don't have a shot of the background alone, but the background is relatively uniformly colored, you can still do a threshold operation against that color.

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