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Thread: Passing input text values to child clips

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    Passing input text values to child clips

    I am making a certificate that I want the end user to be able to type in his or her name onto a sheet that will print later. I've tried a variety of methods to pass the input text to a child clip (the one that is being used for printing). I can normally get the input text box on the parent level to return a value, but when I try to pass it along to the child clip, I normally wind up with "undefined". I've tried passing the value to a string via:

    firstNameInput.text = firstName;

    with ActionScript in the child frame that I was expecting to use the variable, with no result. after looking through these forums, I found this code:

    firstNameInput.onChanged = function () {
    firstNameInput.text = trainingCert_mc.firstNameResult.text;

    which has given me the same result. can anyone tell me where i'm going wrong?
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