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Thread: Single SWF with Multiple XML files

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    Single SWF with Multiple XML files


    I would like to have one swf file and multiple xml files by passing the variable from my HTML back into flash. I've tried many things and nothing seems to work. I always get an undefined error.

    My Flash code is:
    var passed:String = xmlFilename;
    data_xml.contentPath = xmlFilename;

    and my HTML code is:
    <embed src="file.swf&xmlfilename=news.xml"

    Thanks for your help.

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    first thing - use the same Uppercase in each variable -
    xmlfilename is not the same thing to Flash as xmlFilename

    second - upload to a server and test online, (appended vars fail silently off HD)

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    I changed xmlfilename to xmlFilename and tested it live on my server and still receive an Undefined error.

    Thanks for your help.

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