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Thread: Exploding text?

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    does anyone know a way to make text explode into many pieces and then just disapear?


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    one character explode into pieces or a word explode into pieces ??
    for example:
    "text" explode into "t" "e" "x" "t"
    or "t" explode into pieces ?

    if you are asking the second method(a single "t" explode into piece). The only way i can think of is break the "t" apart and tween it piece by piece...but this will markup the file size and it is a long process.

    Maybe some other program such as swifttool can help but i never use it before, therefore, i don't know it have this feature or not.

    hope this help.

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    If you want to make a word explode into many pieces you have to break up the text so that the word is no longer a font outline.

    Then take the line tool and make lines that go all the way through the word at various angles. Now you use the f8 key to make each one of the pieces an object.

    Now you have to cut and paste each individual piece onto ist own layer in the exact same place.

    once you have that done you have to put a keyframe in lets say 5 frames away from the
    original and put a motion tween in each layer.

    Now in frame 5 drag and turn the piece where you want it to goto. You will have to do this for each piece.

    now you have to change the alpha state of each piece in the last keyframe of each layer.

    Now you can test your movie.

    Regards, Bill

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    Hi karloz2k!

    First of all
    Are you talking about letters flying in differerent directions or part of letters ?
    If first, it is a very easy, and i am sure that there is a lot of tutorials about it, but if second, it is hard to do with not predefined text (for example with text entered by visitor of page)... I had some attempts to simylate it, and found that it is nearly impossible with letters from textfield, and hard with just lettes....

    Good luck !
    Ilya. -Polar Lights Studios-
    Flash sources page

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    yeh hey i tried it out..
    i found it best to try to make the shapes into triangles...they look more like real shards from an explosion.
    i made 25 shards in to 25 symbols into 25 frames..it took about 45 min!
    i didnt know how to pur it in this txt so i made it in my sig.
    hope you can see it!


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