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Thread: 4 way navigation / Tabbed navigation

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    4 way navigation / Tabbed navigation

    Hi everyone, I've recently designed my flash app in photoshop and got it looking how i want it, now as I'm about to start coding it in flash which I'm a complete novice at, Im just looking for some help, at the top of my application I have 5 tabs, when the user presses the right button on his keypad, id like the tab to move over to the right if this makes sense? and display a new page, the new page then needs to be able to scroll up and down, showing information. Id like the page to change instantly as opposed to having to hover and then click, does anybody know of any tutorials in which can do this? as I'm on a short timeframe I'm not sure If it would be better to outsource the project only I would like to understand the way in which it is done too,

    Sorry if I've waffled,

    Any help is great!

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    are you developing for Flash Lite 1.1 or Flash Lite 2.0 and later?
    aviarts.com - web development and flash development

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