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Thread: Looking for feedback on a site I'm making. Ideas and sugestions

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    Smile Looking for feedback on a site I'm making. Ideas and sugestions

    I'm 18 and I think I want to be a web designer. Here is a site I made from the ground up for my father's BNI group. Right now it seems a little plain. Don't look at the content. Its really just place holders right now. But please let me know what you think about the design.


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    I like the fact that you carefully considered the way each screen will look before acting on it; I think the way the sections fit into the overall design is nice. The load time is nice and quick and overall, looks real good.

    I'd think about maybe making some sections slide in/out to the right as they scale, instead of scaling up from the center. I think it would give it a more fluid look. The motion also feels a little slow, and it looks like you've got your .fla project framerate set at the default 12 fps. I think everything would feel a bit smoother and faster if you up that to somewhere between 20 and 30.

    One last thing, and that is that because your nav bar is at the bottom, which is unusual, and the height is fairly tall, it's possible that people with small screens won't get that they have to scroll down to navigate. Rather than change the design at all, I'd consider making the flash embed scale to the height of the user's window.

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    Currently it looks like a powerpoint presentation. I think it needs a lot of work. Go to this site to get some ideas.


    If the websites on this site don't give you insperation to become a webdesigner, nothing will.

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    Its a decent website you've got there. Now I'm not going to compare it with a developer who possesses insane developer skills, but for an 18 year old who's starting to dabble into the web, its a good try.

    In Fact, the user interface or UI is neatly done and there's absolutely no issues figuring out where to go.

    I'd take Josh's suggestions on bringing the navbar to the top -- in case internet users on 680x480 resolutions (like the now common netbooks) come for a visit and are too lazy to scroll down any further.

    I'd leave my crits to here for now. Keep developing, keep learning and keep trying. Cheers.

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    grooveepants Is right that does look like a powerpoint presentation, http://www.thefwa.com/ looks like an awesome site. It looks like a very good script.
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