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Thread: Dynamic Text and Masks... /sigh

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    Dynamic Text and Masks... /sigh

    I apologize in advance to anyone and everyone saying "This question has been asked one too many times!!!!".


    I've done some searching and still came up emptyhanded with my specific problem. Here is the scenario.

    I load vars from a text file. I make text fields for those vars using actionscript. I embed the fonts using the .embedFonts = true... I tweened the Textfields (which by the way are inside a MC), out from behind my mask. That works fine and dandy.

    Then when I try and change the mask statically. The Textfields go blank/reset to their init values. Not completely sure why...

    I'm just using fill to make the mask. Then when the mask layer goes to a new keyframe, the text goes blank.

    Any thoughts? Or a way around it. I have tried cacheAsBitmap on the textfields just in case, but no luck. :\

    Thanks again,

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    The only way I figured in a work around was to re assign values and re-addChild all of the Text fields. It didn't seem to slow it down at all. But its still feels like a dirty way of doing it.
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    You need to make your mask using AS.
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