No, I don't acknowledge that gold is worthless after getting 1 good deck. What about all the other elements? Gold isn't worthless until you have enough cards to build all the decks you would ever want to. If you only want 1 deck EVER, then that is your choice.

I do wish there was a way to save alternate decks so they would not have to be remade each time you change.

As far as the bug with the big ash eater, I don't think it could have been chaos seed... Doesn't that affect only creatures on the board when it is cast?
This thing came into play with the wrong stats. Unfortunately I can't reproduce it. So I could just be insane.

I do wish the game had a way to look into the graveyard so players new to the game would be less confused during the opponent's turn. As it is now you pretty much have to memorize all the cards to fully understand what your opponent is doing. All you get is a brief flash of the picture and the name of the card and then its gone.

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I hav a suggestion.....

At the beginning of the game everyone kinda need money to buy cards and of course the reason for this is the improve their decks; however, once your done and sastified with your own deck, you will acknowledge gold is worthless and i mean worthless!!!

therefore, my suggestion is to make something that we can spend gold on it. Perhaps an equipment that will plus extra power to you? ex -( at the at of everyturn you get +1 random element), ( plus your maximum hp from 100 to 110) - you get the idea?

It is just my suggestion to make make the game more option and enjoyable

I hope you like my suggestion