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    So i've made a deck which seems to exemplify how powerfull dissipation shield is. It has 25 quantum pillers, 4 dissipation shields and some filler to get up to 48 cards (which is more than most decks will have) as a drainer deck. It has no mosters in it what so ever but does have a number of different weapons for the hell of it. I find that if i can get a shield out early (round 2,3) i'll easily be pulling enough quantum pillers to counteract any early offence. I've ended with 100 health (usually do to a vampire stiletto if i get hit early) over half the time. I've only lost one match out of about 15 so far and that was against a firefly queen deck. Just thought i would share my fun with you folk.

    Edit: An early enchant artifact is also very important to save the pillers.

    Edit: It is even effective against the dragon/univers deck since those usually use the deck min 30 cards and take a few turns to get started.
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