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It used to only generate two, and hardly anyone used it because it was so weak and inconsistent.

I think a better idea would be to leave it at three, but restrict it to only having six per deck, just like the non-pillar cards.
It used to be limit x6 also, and no one used it. The only adjustments that made it viable were no limit (as if it was a pillar, oh wait it is) and to generate x3 random quanta per turn. Why is Quantum Pillar the card getting talk right now about nerf'ing??

Anyone looked at Dissipation Shield as the culprit? Also, what about the OPwall (errrr, Bone Wall) or other more "broken" cards? Or Earth, Water, and Entropy's lacking of viability as stand alone elements? Suggested answers to those would be good too (currently I don't have any to suggest )...