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Thread: FLV with alpha - Best sources & settings?

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    FLV with alpha - Best sources & settings?

    Thanks for any help peeps...

    I'm making a 960 x 440 banner where there are 5 heads meant to follow the mouse cursor as it moves around. I built a class that loads in a swf that has flash video of a person looking from their right to left on the upper, mid and lower planes, all on the timeline. the class checks where the mouse is in relation to the head and moves the playhead of the timeline accordingly using onMouseMove (and w/ updateAfterEvent included at end of funtion).

    works great!...BUT there are serious performance issues when there are five heads on the stage. I was hoping someone could suggest ways to optimize performace or what I can do from the flv encoding end to optimize file size...?

    is there a format that flash video encoder handles best for flv with alpha channel output where the file size can be fairly small and quality still pimp?

    thanks everyone!

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    You may try Flash Video MX Pro, The features in the official site are below:
    In addition to H.264 video encoding for bandwidth saving, Flash 8 with alpha video encoding for video overlay, Flash 8 video encoding. Encode video to Flash 8 codec and Flash 8 with Alpha codec FLV
    Support AVC/H.264, Flash 8 and Flash 8 alpha video encoding
    AVC/H.264 video encoding offers you a higher quality (same bit rate) or smaller file size (same quality), saving your bandwidth, reducing buffer times! Flash 8 video encoding provides you a high quality and Flash 8 alpha video encoding is to keep the alpha effect in the original video for video overlay and composition.
    I think it can help you, So I recommend you this tool.
    Free download link:
    I hope this may help you.

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    what size are the talking head videos? Your problem is, I think, that flash is not meant to act as a compositor. You're going to run into performance issues if you use 5 videos with alpha channel, unless the users are using a beefy CPU. You might like to consider matting the video against whatever background you're using rather than just chucking some alpha in there. that will certainly free up some CPU cycles.

    similarly, you should really try to optimise your code so that you dont have five heads onstage. could you swap out say the two heads furthest away with images depending on the location of the mouse?

    finally, don't use h264 as it absolutely wrecks even moderately powerful processors.

    the bottom line here is that what you want to do is resource intensive. There are no two ways about it.

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