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Thread: Flash and WMV

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    Flash and WMV

    Hey Guys

    I'm making a series of animations in flash that are going to be displayed as 720p WMV files.

    Simple animation is fine but when it comes to moving large scale vector graphics around the video suffers from slow down.

    This does not happen in quicktime.

    Does anyone have tips to avoid this at all? I'm restricted to wmv so have no choice but to find a solution

    Any advice would be appreciated

    Many thanks

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    Macromedia's Flash application can do that, flash 8 or flash cs4,
    or you can try a third party flash to video tool named SWF to Video Converter, it allow you convert Macromedia Flash to video files into video of most popular formats.This Flash to video converter enables you to convert Flash to video which includes audio, action scripts or movie clips. Free download link:
    I hope this may help you.

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    Thanks for the info

    Although my problem is not encoding the video (i have software and everything for that) but its the fact that large vector animation or effects seem to slow down the video in wmv.

    Trying to find a solution for this

    thanks again

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    hang on.

    720p WMV??? why? what is the end result of this project? It's not the effects, its the quality and size of your wmv file (aka the load that places on the processor) which is adversely affecting performance.

    Remember that once you get from Flash to a video format, effects/vector information is lost - it's all just colour information and how that gets from the compressed file to your end-user.

    If you absolutely HAVE to use that frame size and format (WMV tends to be good at lower bitrates - if I go over 1mbps at, say, 1024x576 then sometimes WMP crashes) then make sure that you lower your bit rate to the absolute minimum, and if possible use a 2pass VBR option.

    Baits - I'm surprised that you're not aware that Adobe now owns Flash...unless there's something you're not telling us?


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